Birthday 2005
Lives In Havířov
Discipline sport climbing, bouldering
Hobbies runs, walks in the mountains, rides on bicycles, snowboards, skates, does gymnastics and plays saxop
Motto I do what I enjoy.

Adam Adamovský

Adam Adamovský is a new member of the RE climbing team. Adam has been climbing since he was six years old, and he is a true climbing talent. He lives in Havířov, he trains in Ostrava and Zlín and, besides climbing, he also runs, walks in the mountains, rides on bicycles, snowboards, skates, does gymnastics and plays saxophone.

What Adam says about himself….

I enjoy sports:

My sister Ella Adamovska was the first who started with climbing in our family. Thanks to her, all of our family enjoys this sport. However, we are a very sporty family anyway - thanks to my parents who are gymnasts and trainers. From an early age, we went to various sports venues and went hiking with them.

I have to move...

What I have managed to climb:

Last summer, I put my first 7 in Bedkowska Valley (Poland)! I was excited about that trip and began to climb more than just goofing around;) It really caught me and I am now looking forward to every climbing trip. The last day of last year I climbed in Mišja Peči the Rock'n Roll 7c +.

Summer holiday I spend in Arco - No Name 7c + / 8a in Narang.

This year's Easter holidays, I was in Peč – apart from Hobbit, I climbed another 7c - the VRC path. And I went to the top - Samsara, I loved it,and... I made it!

July we spent in two areas - Rodellaru and Biels. A month full of beautiful climbing and unreal experiences in the beautiful nature. I wanted to climb as much as possible on the OS and on flash, which was quite successful. Meanwhile, my best OS happened in Biels in the area of ​​Faz - Bord de Fossé 7b + route as well as 3 routes with difficulty 7c + in Rodellar.

Adam collects one prize after the other (look at the book of achievements) at the climbing competitions, and he also won the award as the Athlete of the Year of the City of Karviná (2014-2016). We made a short interview with Adam, which you can read on the "interview" tab.


Championship of Czech Republic
•2014 – 1st place
•2015 – 1st place
•2016 – 3th place
Czech Youth Cup U14 - Overall rating
•2014 – 1st place
•2015 – 1st place
•2016 – 1st place
• Slovakia's Bouldering Championship for Children 2016 - 1st place
• Poland's Bouldering Championship 2014 - 1st place
•Petzen Climbing Trophy 2014 – bouldering – 2. místo
•Color Climbing Festival Imst 2017 – 4. místo


We asked Adam some questions ...

Why Rock Empire? Because my sister is also an ambassador of Rock Empire and she is very happy about it. RE team is good and I like them.

What would you like to achieve in the area of climbing? I want to do what I like -  enjoy climbing, train, compete, and win. In two years, I want to be a national representative and be the best. This year, I would like to do the Corto (8a) route in Misha Pec and improve my outdoor climbing skills. I want to become familiar with beautiful rock areas, to climb hard routes and to dominate them. I want to enjoy climbing trips, be in the wild and breathe freely.

Do you have any sport idol? My greatest idol is my sister, Ella Adamovská. And I also appreciate Denis Pail because I can see how he is working hard to improve, and I can see that when somebody wants to achieve something, it is possible if you work hard.

Your favourite music? I haven´t a favourite band yet.

Your favourite food? The more, the better :)