Birthday 2001
Lives In Havirov
Discipline Sport climbing
Hobbies Snowboarding, longboard, swimming, inline skating, singing, painting
Motto One minute you´re at the top of your game, the next minute you´re not. Life is constantly changing.

Eliska Adamovska

The Greatest Successes: 
Czech Champion for climbing difficult routes  (2014)
Polish Champion for bouldering (2014)
Czech Republic Youth Cup winner (2014)
3 times overall winner-  Grand Prix Holešovice (2014)
Petzen Climbing Trophy - 3rd place bouldering, 3rd place climbing difficult routes, 3rd place combination (2014)


Selected Ascents: 
Route Difficulty Style Area
Corto 8a PP Osp (2014)
Samsara  8a PP Osp (2014)
Brúska 8 PP Višňové (2014)
Lady  8 PP Višňové (2014)
Durango 7b+ PP Osp (2013)
Tortuga 7b PP Osp (2013)
Hobit 7c PP Osp (2013)