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4B Slight

4B Slight is a 4-buckle harness designed especially for mountains and big walls. Light-weight quick AL buckles on the legs and 2 on the waist make the harness fully adjustable and easy to manipulate.
NEW TECHNOLOGY (more info here)

fantastic weight   maximum comfort   freedom of movement

  • The result is an ultra-light and ultra-slim new harness due to the excellent properties of the selected material
  • Distribution of the load over the entire surface padding offers maximum effectiveness
  • 4 Aluminium (AL 7075) quick buckles - 12 mm legs/ 16 mm waist
  • Innovative ergonomic waist and legs
  • 4 Asymmetric gear loops (5 kg)
  • Light weight belay loop in a contrasting colour (width 12 mm, 15 kN)

Size XS-M, M-XL
Norm EN 12277
WEIGHT 334 g