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Steel Carabiner D KL-3T

Steel carabiner.

  • Tri Lock (3T)

  • K- Lock system

  • Unique Identification Number

Material Steel
Major axis strength 40 kN
Minor axis strength 18 kN
Open gate strength 18 kN
Gate opening 24 mm
Norm EN 362, EN 12275
WEIGHT 212 g
  • Tri-Lock (3T)- the Tri-Lock system has an automatic lock and quick unlock. To open the carabiner, three independent movements are needed.
  • Keylock is a design point on the carabiner where the body meets the gate and locks. The keylock design locks securely and does not catch slings, ropes or harnesses. O pening and closing the carabiners is very simple.
  • Each carabiner has its own unique identification number within each manufacturing order. This number will improve registration and review of metal products during regular inspection checks. 
  • Carabiners are the most used parts in personal protection equipment. They play a vital role in protecting professionals working at heights as well as rescuers. They must combine durability, functionality and impeccable design. ROCK EMPIRE carabiners include a wide range of products designed to meet the different users´ needs when used by themselves or in combination with other devices.