Skill Profi AL - Work - WORK HARNESSES

Skill Profi AL

The full body harness, Skill PROFI AL, is designed to arrest falls. Suitable for working at heights, descending, ascending and rescues.

  • It is fully adjustable with a padded waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps
  • The shoulder straps can be removed and the bottom part can be used as a sit harness
  • Four gear loops
  • Connecting carabiner on chest
  • Fast release buckles allow easy adjustment in the shortest possible time
  • Comes in two sizes and two colors


Size XS-M, L-XXL
Buckles 4 Quick buckles
Norm EN 361, EN 813, EN 358
WEIGHT 2 486 g

​A feature of the full body harnesses, SKILL PROFI AL is the removable shoulder straps. The SKILL PROFI CHEST AL is fully removable, and the harness is then transformed into a climbing sit harness. The shoulder straps and the sit harness parts are now sold separately and can be purchased in the event of damage to one of the components.Two att achment points for fall arrest on the front and back part of the harness (EN 361)

  • Two att achment points on the front and back for use with descenders (EN 813)
  • Two rings made of light alloys tested at 15kN for work positioning (EN 358), tie in (EN 813) and fall arrest (EN 361)
  • Four fast release buckles for quick and easy placement of harness and adjustment
  • Anatomically shaped shoulder straps with reinforced loops for rescue situations
  • Reinforced webbing loop for att aching an ascender device to the chest
  • Any ROCK EMPIRE -certified carabiner (EN 362) can be used to connect the chest part to the sit harness
  • Identification and pictogram labels protected by plastic and special pocket on waist belt
  • Space on waist strap to install ROCK EMPIRE’s plastic hook, Helper, for carrying slings, tools, etc.
  • Sizes:

Skill Profi AL - Work - WORK HARNESSES
Skill Profi AL - Work - WORK HARNESSES
Skill Profi AL - Work - WORK HARNESSES
Skill Profi AL - Work - WORK HARNESSES