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Master Belt

Harness with a revolutionary waist adjustment system . The waist belt is composed of three pieces, which allows you to purchase one standard size and then customize the sizing to your exact fit requirements.

  • Another undisputed advantage is that the user can move the positioning points (EN 358) exactly according to his needs.
  • Wide versatility is also provided by the system of variable slots (in combination with an accessory cord) on the back of the waist belt
  • The harness is also comfortable thanks to reinforced padded leg straps.
  • Stron elastick (according-style) straps connecting the legs to the waist on the back of the harness, which automatically adjust and ensure optimum positioning of the legs in relation to the waist at all times (especially walking vs. sitting)

Master Belt can be combined with Chest Master, Chest Uni and  in the upcoming Chest UP. User will get a comfortable, versatile, full-body harness exactly for his needs. 

Master Belt + Chest MasterMASTER

Norm EN 813, EN 358
Size UNI
WEIGHT 1 380 g