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Skill Profi AL (chest)

Chest part, when used with the sit harness SKILL PROFI BELT AL is a complete full-body harness certified for arresting falls (EN 361).

  • The harness is equipped with light-weight buckles which allow for quick and easy positioning.
  • The SKILL PROFI CHEST includes a carabiner and Anti-slip rubber protector
  • This chest piece is only to be used with the SKILL PROFI BELT AL. It can never be used by itself!

Size uni
Buckles quick buckles
Norm EN 361
WEIGHT 584 g
  • Two points for a fall arrester, in the front and the back of the upper part of the harness (EN 361)
  • Anatomically shaped shoulder straps, fixed points for rescue where pulling straight up is required
  • Loop for attaching a chest ascender
  • Shoulder straps can be connected to the waist belt using any industrial-certified carabiner (EN 362) from ROCK EMPIRE
  • Sizes: