Roper Fix - Work - ANCHOR DEVICES

Roper Fix

A positioning system designed to precisely achieve and fine-tune working positions. Roper Fix includes an 11mm rope lanyard with a reinforced stitched loop at one end and a covered knot at the other end along with the Roper device attached to the rope between the ends. The Roper positioning device is locked onto the lanyard with a recessed screw. Roper Fix can be removed from the lanyard only by using a hex wrench, which provides protection against improper placement. Because of the removeable screw, it is possible to replace the lanyard if needed due to wear and tear.

The Roper Fix comes with a 0.5m protection sleeve that moves easily and can be replaced or removed. Each side of the protection sleeve has a different outer surface for better protection and durability depending on the type of work surface.


Norm EN 358
Length 200 cm
WEIGHT 444 g
200 cm 350 cm 500 cm