Lanyard Y PA 25mm - Work - PULLEYS & ASCENDERS

Lanyard Y PA 25mm


A symmetrical "Y" sling allows the worker to select the appropriate length to ensure safety during work
  • Asymmetrical, doubled webbing, Y-shaped sling with a sewn end
  • Used for access after securing a rope
WARNING - Lanyard Y PA 25mm 35 cm/60 cm is not a fall absorber! It should not be used on Via Ferrata routes!
Illustrative photo only. Lanyard Y PA 25mm – 35cm/60cm is only the sewn webbing with Anti Slip Webbing Protector. Ascender and carabiner are sold separately.

Length 100/ 150 cm (min/max)
Strength 22 kN
Strap width 25 mm
Norm EN 354, EN 795
WEIGHT 124 g
  • Both ends of the sling are fitted with rubber anti Slip webbing protectors that hold the carabiner in the correct position
  • Webbing sling resists abrasion, cutting and being cut by sharp objects
  • Made of polyamide, has no dynamic features. It is intended solely for access to the fixed ropes
  • Length: the shorter end of the loop is 35 cm, the longer end of the loop is 60 cm
  • Identification label