Birthday 1995
Lives In Brno
Discipline Sport climbing
Hobbies Reading, jogging, photography, travelling
Motto Never give up!

Iva Vejmolova

Iva is our future hope in the sport of women´s climbing. Since 2004, Iva has collected eye- catching achievements not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. She won the Czech Republic Youth Cup.

„More than two years ago, I received an offer to join the ROCK EMPIRE CLIMBING TEAM. At that time, I was recovering from a long-term injury, but, thanks to the trust and support of the ROCK EMPIRE team, I recovered faster than I expected. They deserve a big thanks for that! The atmosphere of the ROCK EMPIRE team is super as is the support.”

„I most often use ROCK EMPIRE ´s CALISTA harness for women both on the gym walls and the rocks, and I use the quickdraws and Crash Pad STAGE when climbing on the rocks. I am very satisfied with them and grateful for ROCK EMPIRE ´s material support. During the last two years, I twice came in second place in the Czech Republic´s sport lead climbing for adults and have placed first and second in the Czech Republic´s sport lead climbing for youth. I placed eighth at the European Youth Cup in Edinburgh, Scotland. During this time, I also successfully  climbed my hardest route to date on the rocks, a 10-UIAA in the Moravian Karst region. So far, the greatest experience with the ROCK EMPIRE team was shooting a promotional film on the rocks in the Elbe River Valley, where I had to overcome my fears, but I took home some unforgettable moments with all the ROCK EMPIRE team members.“

2016 winner of Czech Republic cup 
Five times Czech Republic Youth cup winner
Three times 2nd place in Czech Republic
5th place in European youth cup
23rd place in World championship Gion
9/9+ OS Osama du Sau! ve Frankenjura
10- PP Ippolito Moravian Karst
/9+ OS Osama du Sau! Frankenjura
8b/b+ Le Mur des six Clopes