Birthday 1985
Lives In Usti nad Labem
Discipline Sport climbing, bouldering
Hobbies Cycling, reading
Motto A person should do what he likes and do it to the follest!

Martin Tomasek

Martin began climbing nearly 10 years ago.  Gradually, his passion became rock climbing and, in recent years, he has devoted almost all of his free time to climbing. He has searched for difficult routes on the sandstones rocks in the Czech Republic as well as internationally.  He has climbed over 200 routes more difficult than 8a.  In the colder times of the year, he explores the infinite bouldering possibilities.

„I have not yet had the opportunity to try most of the Rock Empire products, but I currently use SIRION men´s harness, Crash pad STAGE and quickdraws.  I am very satisfied with those products. Rock Empire products excel in the price to quality ratio, which is what most people search for and why they buy.  Rock Empire products are definitely high quality and benefit even the most demanding user. Super price.”


Selected Ascents: 

Odd Fellows 11- PP
Father and son 11- PP
Warbeast 8c PP
Mangusta 8c PP
Athena 8b+/c PP
Ghost Rider 8b+ PP
Maratona 8b PP
Moustache corner 8a Flash
Lost & Found 10+PP
Underdog 10/10+PP
Mikrokosmos10 PP
Minotarus 10 PP
Kombinatorik 10-/10 PP
Silberne Sterne 10-/10 PP
Herbstweg 10-/10 PP
Starkstrom 10- OS
Magic sound wave 10- PP
Nagini 10- PP
Im rausch der Tiefe 10-PP
Hooligan 9+/10- OS
Inquisition 9+/10-PP
The Flow 10-
Mind control Oliana 8c+ PP
Fish Eye Oliana 8c PP
T1-Full Equip Oliana 8c PP
El Gran Blau Oliana 8b+/c PP
Slow Food 8b+ PP Ceuse
Paper Mullat Oliana 8b+/c
Hurlement 8a+ OS Orpierre
Slimeline 10- Fl Frankenjura
New Orleans Heavy Weight Division Frankenjura 11-PP
Cringer Frankenjura 11-PP
Drecksteil Frankejura 10 OS
Marroncita 8b OS Oliana PP
THC Labák XIb PP
Mongol Party Labák XIb PP
Pěkná ústa oči zelené LabákXIb PP
Hallebopp 8b+ PP
Supermaratona 8b/b+ PP
Troppo Schwar 8b PP
Black tooth grin 8a+/b
Randa 8a+ PP
Il Muratore 8a+PP
Bauer plus 8a+ PP
Red rocks 8a PP
Senza nome 8a OS


Temná hmota Sněžník 8B
Machinárium Sněžník 8A+
Umění prokrastinace Sněžník 8A+