Birthday 2006
Lives In Vyskov
Discipline Climbing difficult routes, speed climbing, bouldering
Hobbies Swimming, skating, pets
Motto Keep climbing until you reach heaven!

Simon Cibulka

Šimon Cibulka, who is the newest and youngest member of the ROCK EMPIRE CLIMBING TEAM, has been climbing since he was three years old. Šimon is among one of the promising, talented, new climbers. Together with his sister Terezka, he is acquiring one title after another. For example, the following are a few of his notable achievements: 

  • Czech National Youth Champion for Speed Climbing (2014)
  • Won 5 races in Czech´s highest climbing competition for lead climbing for children  - Tendon Cup U14 (2014)
  • Slovak National Youth Champion for Lead Climbing (2014)
  • Was successful in the European climbing competition Petzen (2014)


Simon´s achievments:
European Petzen Climbing Trophy- 2nd place in climbing difficult routes, 3rd place in speed climbing 
Czech Republic Youth Cup winner -  speed climbing (2016)
Czech Republic Youth Cup winner -  speed climbing (2015)
Czech Champion for youth speed climbing 2015
Winner of LaSportiva Boulder Contest Sportlife 2015
Czech Republic Youth Cup winner -  speed climbing (2015)
Tendon Cup U14 winner- climbing difficult routes (2015) 
In 2014 he was the overall winner of the European Petzen climbing trophy.
He is Czech Champion for youth speed climbing (2014)
2nd place finisher in the Czech republic for climbing diffucult routes (2014)
Won five Czech races at the highest children´s lever for climbing difficult routes plus many accomplishements (2014)