Birthday 1977
Lives In Labska stran
Discipline Climbing on sandstone
Hobbies First ascents
Motto Fight laziness

Tomas Sobotka

Tomáš and Ondra Beneš created the Dolní Žleb Company which represents a huge “production plant” of sandstone routes with a difficulty between VI and XIb. Their prime climbs, which can be counted in tens, strongly influenced climbing in the Elbe River Valley. Tomáš is not only a great climber but also a great climber with fiber to share. We can find on his list uncountable set of RP climbs with a difficulty from Xa to XIb. He prefers quick climbs and he likes to climb routes in OS style. In this style he has done a couple of Xb routes. On limestone, he has climbed 8b and 8a in OS style. Big walls represent a great challenge for him because he is looking for new experiences and practice. Every year, Tomáš and Ondra try to search for prime climbs in new areas all over the world where they can test their techniques and fibers on very difficult climbs.

I have been using Rock Empire products since I started climbing in 1996, and, since about 2000, I have been using their complete range of equipment.

I have not had a single bad experience with Rock Empire equipment in all my years of climbing.  I can 100% rely on Rock Empire equipment, and, for the last five years, Rock Empire harnesses and quickdraws have not only met my needs, but also made me happy.

With Rock Empire products, I have climbed the following:
Nirvana RP XIa first ascent
Pandořina skřínka RP Xb first ascent on the second attempt
Zakletá hrana RP XIb
Results from this year´s routes: RP Xc


Expeditions with Rock Empire products:
Jordan - Rock empire RP 8a
Madagascar- Shortcut RP 7c+
Brazil – Sugar Loaf - Město bohů RP 8a+