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Skill ECON is a full-body, fall arrest harness, which offers users outstanding well-balanced parameters including weight, utility, durability and price.



The evacuation triangle ALPHA with shoulder straps is designed primarily for evacuation of individuals when using special rope techniques. The evacuation triangle ALPHA is made of an elastic material, which guarantees a snug fit around the evacuee. During an evacuation, this fit allows for comfort, safety and an increased secure feeling for every evacuee from small children to full grown adults.

Three-day work safety training...

Three-day work safety train...

Our Chinese distributor has organized a three-day work safety training for firefighters in GANSHU province, combined with introduction and use of Rock Empire new industrial equipments for safe work at heights. We are delighted that our work harnesses and other firefighting and rescue equipment are well suited and we wish them a lot of saved lives.