Equip Lock Black iscomfortable work harness designed to be versatile and yet offer a low weight. In fact, it is a synthesis of a sport and work harness. The sit harness can be bought and used separately. It is ideal for big wall climbing

All attachment points are textile. 
Equipped with fast release AL buckles. 

6 gear loops, belay loop, and shoulders are equipped with slots for small items or tools.
The back attachment point is hidden in a covered pocket and can be removed only when needed.
Strong elastic (accordion-style) strap connecting the legs to the waist belt on the back of the harness, which automatically adjusts and ensures optimum positioning of the legs in relation to the waist at all times (especially climbing vs. sitting).
The back part of the Belt Equip Lock  is equipped with a steel ring for connecting to the chest harness.
Also available in black-orange color.




EN 361, EN 813, EN 358, EN12277
EN 361, EN 813: User Max. Weight
100 kg
EN 358: User Max. Weight
150 kg