„Those From the Elbe River Valley“ Celebrates an Award!

The international outdoor film festival, OUTDOOR FILMS, gave the documentary short film, „Those From the Elbe River Valley,“ produced by ROCK EMPIRE, a significant award. The film received third place in the category CLIMBING and MOUNTAIN FILMS. The film´s director, JENIK PLETICHA, accepted the award at the end of 2014 in a ceremony in Prague´s Lucern theater. When accepting the award, Jenik said it was a huge honor given the high quality of the 200 other films shown in the festival, which runs in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Russia among other places.

„Those From the Elbe River Valley,“ draws you into the sandstone cliffs of the Elbe River Valley and shows all its beauty from a bird´s eye perspective. The film documents the creation of first ascents on the sandstone rocks in the area and showcases the abilities of two of the Valley´s most competent, caring and experienced first ascenders: Jiri Slavik aka Shorty and Tomas Sobotka aka Tomajdu.

Every year, the Elbe River Valley, located between the towns of Decin and Hrensko in the Czech Republic, tempts hundreds of climbers. Weekend after weekend, climbers come to experience the unique climbing of the sandstone cliffs along the river. The Valley offers hundreds of classic and modern routes of all difficulties, long routes with beautiful Valley views, interesting rock structures, colorful climbs in vertical and overhanging rocks and a climbing atmosphere that compliments the omnipresent smell of sand and gets under your skin. The first ascenders – workers of the rock - agree. For them, the creation of new routes on the sandstone offer never-ending challenges.

New routes are created according to the rules of the sandstone – from the bottom up: „That is natural,“ says Tomas Sobotka in the film. This route creation method equals a great deal of adrenaline, discovery, dangerous falls on the rope, and deep emotions, which are the spice of climbing sandstone. First ascenders on sandstone are bold even though today´s so-called sport climbing routes include more difficult pitches and new climbing styles offer better protection. This does not mean that they have lost their adventurous value.

„Those From the Elbe River Valley“ Celebrates an Award!

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