Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec®, Karelia, Onega Lake

Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec®

The 14th Red Fox Adventure Race, powered by Polartec®, began at noon on June 11, 2015, it is one of the toughest non-stop multisport events this year. The skies grew dark for the opening ceremony, unleashing a squall of hail and rain then the sun broke out for the start of the race soon after on the picturesque shores of Onega Lake, on the Karelian Peninsula.

Adventure racers from Europe, North America, and Russia made three loops covering more than 300 kilometers (180 miles) that require them to run, bike, kayak, rock climb, wade through mud, woods, brush, water, under and over stone. Athletes with the best results will have their points included in the Adventure Race EuroSeries international rankings.

342 athletes from six countries around the world (Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands and USA) were testing their endurance limits and orienteering skills during this exciting competition.

There were 11 four-persons teams and 40 two-persons teams running in the 72-hour long course, and 11 four-persons teams and 70 two-persons teams in the 48-hour short course.

After 48 hours of nonstop days of travel over water, on rock and through dense vegetation, over 180 members of two and four-man teams completed the Red Fox Adventure Race XIV short course. Racers unanimously agreed it was a tough course. The second year in a row the Red Fox team from St Petersburg came in first place! The team completed every stage after 47:27:35, racking up 307 points. The second and third place teams finished faster, also from Russia, but with fewer points.

With the last crossing of the finish line in the 72-hour long course the 14th Red Fox Adventure Race came to a close. The shortest time for completion of the long course was just shy of 51 hours. The winners did not expect to find all the check points as quickly as they did.

  • The distance was very logical, nothing was technically difficult, - they said after the race.
  • After Chegarovsky (designer of the race) described the upcoming race we were ready for everything.
  • It’s important to accept all difficulties on the route with joy, get pleasure and turn them to your advantage.

Many participants thought this year's race was more complicated and closer to an expedition format, allowing teams to operate autonomously for long stretches.

The kayaking stage was very long – more than 100 km. For those who trained enough this stage was hard and for those who didn’t, it was very hard. In the evening of the third day there were several drifting kayaks with drowsy athletes.

There was a downpour on the evening of the third day. Many athletes opted to not swim for  additional check points, even though they had one more night. It rained all night, becoming the final obstacle for the most stubborn athletes. 

Over a span of more than 50 hours the race leaders only slept, at most, two hours.

Teams from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were the fastest in the 72-hour long course.

It was very hot and wet battle! Thanks to everybody for their participation and support!

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Note before race:

On June, 11-14, in one of the most picturesque places in Russia – Karelia, Onega Lake – the Red Fox Adventure Race XIV, an annual international non-stop expedition race, will take place. Since 2009 the race has been organized with the support of Polartec, LLC, main partner, Rock Empire sponsors the race this year.  

After 12 years the Red Fox Adventure Race has obtained a truly international status.

More than 300 athletes from Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands and the USA will test their limits during this toughest competition. And this year the Red Fox Polartec NA team from the USA will participate in the most extreme Russian race.

The Red Fox Adventure Race is divided into two classes: A short course (48 hours) and a long course (72 hours), in which two- and four-persons teams compete.

For the fourth time since it began, the Red Fox Adventure Race XIV, the largest expedition race in Russia, is included in the AR EuroSeries calendar. This year points scored in the race will be considered for AR EuroSeries international rankings.

A unique landscape awaits everyone who dares to human limits: pedaling through rugged hills, paddling narrow lakes, climbing basalt walls 30-meters high and running through dense, wild, woods.

The Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec® is a unique opportunity for all multisport fans to participate in a race at an international level.


  • Festival organizer – Red Fox.
  • Chairman of the Organizing Committee – Olga Moroz
  • Designer of the race – Vitaly Chegarovsky
  • Head of technical stages – Alexander Ovcharuk
  • Electronic time-keeping – Yuri Gultyaev
  • PR & media: Irina Kirchenko, e-mail:,; Julia Dmitrieva, e-mail: 

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Red Fox Adventure Race XIV powered by Polartec®, Karelia, Onega Lake

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