Teaching of clients to work as instructors according to valid methodical procedures of RE with emphasis on client safety.
By the end of the course, the trained instructors will have complete knowledge of all general skills and knowledge for safely working at heights and above clear depths (Worker at Heights Training 1 + Worker at Heights Training 2).  Instructors will be able to handle a complete risk analysis; leading a work team; organization of rescue team work; master advanced rescue and evacuation techniques; have complete knowledge of related legislation of the Czech Republic and ČSN EN; inspection of extended first aid equipment; master didactic and pedagogical knowledge; master basic psychological skills as well as the principles of client motivation and leadership.
The training is always conducted in a suitable environment, under appropriate conditions, and based on a prepared risk analysis.


Target Group RE workers or contractors. Other applicants and interested organizations may apply to the RE management team for course approval.
Prerequisites Appropriate health; continuous field experience; and work in the field was not interrupted for more than 1 year.
Documentation Attendance sheet
  Training syllabus
  Auxiliary training materials
Tests Theoretical test - test
  Practical exam - demonstration of selected abilities and skills.
Documents Issued Certificate (A4 format - on request)
  Work card (format 75x105mm)
Number of Course Participants  
1 Instructor: Min. - Max. 1 - 8 people
Duration of Training  
1st Training: only based on prior agreement
Extension of authorization from Worker at Heights Level 2 3 x 8 hrs.
Refresher Training: 3 x 8 h.
Validity of Training 12 - 36 months
Training Price  
1st Training: 5000,- CZK/person
Extension of authorization from PV2 2900,- CZK/person
Refresher Training: 2900,- CZK/person
  Prices shown are for training at Rock Empire Training Center
Price for Location according to client´s wishes: Basic rate + travel costs
Training Location Options: Rock Empire Training Center
  Contractual partner of the RE Training Center
  Place according to client's wishes