Rock Empire N1 in the World

World Cup winner in sport climbing, ice climbing representative, European champion and junior European champion in speed climbing ... it is Julia Kaplina, a Russian representative who on April 23, 2017 at the World Cup in Chongqing, climbed to the top rung with our 1B slight harness  and became a master in speed climbing again.

Congratulations to Julia, and we are excited and proud that Julia chose our ultra-light 1B Slight harness to achieve her amazing results. 



Rock Empire N1 in the World

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There is no better experience than going out into nature to enjoy the snow.

Check out the video review of our 3B Akatta sports harness and how do you climb with it.


At the beginning of November 2019, we organized our first-ever International PPE Partners´ Meeting. Our partners from the following countries joined us: Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Singapore. We welcomed 16 people from the 9 countries in total. During our time together, we experienced and discussed many things.