10-th Anniversary Red Fox Elbrus Race is behind us

10-th Anniversary Red Fox Elbrus Race took place in one of the most beautiful Russian territories – Elbrus region. The festival was supported by the Russian Mountaineering Federation, the Russian Ministry of Emergence and the Government of Kabardino-Balkaria.

With its 5,642 meters, Elbrus is considered to be the highest mountain in the Caucasus mountains and Europe at the same time. ROCK EMPIRE was again a proud partner of the event.

Red Fox Elbrus Race 2018 gathered the strongest sky runners, outstanding climbers, skiers, the best skiclimbers,as well as multi-sportsmen and lovers of outdoor activities.

Have a look with us at a brief overview of the whole race: HERE


10-th Anniversary Red Fox Elbrus Race is behind us

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