Adveture race in Ukraine

At the beginning of September, DNEPR ADVENTURE RACE 2018 was held in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. The general sponsor of the DNEPR ADVENTURE RACE 2018 is the Internet portal and goods store for outdoor activities, "The Climb" company that is our major distributor in Ukraine.

This adrenaline race is held in four classes: Elite, Kayak, Velo and Track. Control time for the class Elite is 48 hours, for classes Kayak, Velo and Track 24 hours. Number of teams this year was 47 in total ( every consist from two person)

The start in classes is common. Team for all classes - 2 people

Class Elite: passing the distance on a bicycle, kayaking and tracking (all parts with orienteering), with the possibility of passing technical points

Class Kayak: passing the race on a kayak, kayak (except of trekking) with the possibility of passing technical points.

Availability of the floating-stock will be checked at each of the PS.

Class Bicycle: Bicycle race (except of trekking and water stages) with the possibility of passing technical points. Referee kayaks are provided by Ladya®

Class Track: pedestrian distance (except water stages) with the possibility of passing technical points.

Before the start for all classes is provided a techno prologue - U-shaped railing, which the team passes for a while. The time limit will be announced in the base camp before the beginning of the work of techno prologue. If the team invests in a given time limit, it receives a label "Techno" and with this sticker will be able to go through the points marked Techno. Such stages will be several at different control points.

What to say, it's not for the faint of heart - only the fearless!

See photos from the raice and maybe....we should see you there next year :)



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