International Military Conference in Prague with the participation of Rock Empire

In the middle of May we participated as a partner of the international military conference MTI - MOUNTAIN TRAINING INITIATIVE, which took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Prague.

50 military experts from 12 countries participated. The conference aimed to unify the training in mountain terrain. This conference is held every two years and this year it was held in Prague for the first time.

We are proud that we were the only ones invited to the conference and had the opportunity to introduce our company and our products suitable for military activities. 

The greatest interest was about our full-body harness Equip black, which is lightweight, compact and can be used for any military activity where full-body harnesses are needed.

See short video about Equip (in color combination): HERE


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At the beginning of November 2019, we organized our first-ever International PPE Partners´ Meeting. Our partners from the following countries joined us: Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Singapore. We welcomed 16 people from the 9 countries in total. During our time together, we experienced and discussed many things.

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