Module Training - Extension

Training of workers who need deeper knowledge and skills in the field of work and rescue at heights and above free depths. The training extends the knowledge and skills of workers according to their special requirements arising from their specific activities.
At the completion of the training, participants will have full control of all general skills and knowledge to safely perform work at heights and above free depths (Worker at Heights Level 1 + Worker at Heights Level 2). Workers will know how to complete a complete risk analysis; lead a work team; organize a rescue team work; master advanced rescue and evacuation techniques; have complete knowledge of related legislation of the Czech Republic and ČSN EN; control the application of more advanced first aid.


Target Group Managers, team leaders, training personnel, contractors and supervisors, Integrated Rescue Service professionals and others.
Prerequisites Appropriate health, field experience
Documentation Attendance sheet
  Training syllabus
  Auxiliary training materials
Tests Theoretical exam - test
  Practical exam - demonstration of selected abilities and skills
Documents Issued Certificate (A4 format - on request)
  Work card (format 75x105mm)
Number of Course Participants  
1 Instructor: Min. - Max. 4 - 12 people (or depending on the content of the training, number of people will be decided by the instructor)
Duration of Training  
1st Training: 1 - 5 days  (8 - 40 hrs.)
Refresher Training: 1 - 2 days (8 - 16 hrs.)
Validity of Training 12 - 36 months
Training Location Options: Rock Empire Training Center
  Contractual partner of the RE Training Center
  Place according to client's wishes