COVID-19 and disinfection of equipment

Due to many questions about how to take care about the equipment during the COVID-19 crisis, we are publishing a brief guide.


  • According to government recommendations, due to the materials used and according to the product instructions, it seems to be the most gentle decontamination the ventilation for 48 hours in fresh air away from sources of radiant heat and UV radiation.
  • If you have enough equipment, "equipment quarantine" is definitely the best solution.
  • For the least amount of possible damage to the fibers (nylon and polyester) in the harness, we recommend soaking the harnesses in water mixed with a dish or clothes detergent at 30 ( for at least one hour as is written in our instructions manual. Given that COVID-19 is not supposed to live on hands after thorough hand-washing and dish/clothes detergents are based on the sample principles as soap, that should be sufficient with a long enough soaking time, rinsing and proper drying.
  • Another variant is spraying with pure ethanol spray (it must not be diluted).



Další články

Production of Rock Empire 100% Cotton Masks.  1-time Use Filters (made from nano-fibers) are also available.

Rock Empire has started production of textile masks designed to include a filter.  We now also have available insertable 1-time use filters made from nano fibers from Czech firm NANOTEX Group s.r.o., which are sold separately.

Dear Valued Partners, Given all the news surrounding COVID-19 and the European situation, we, at Rock Empire, want to inform you that we are still actively fulfilling and shipping orders around the world.