Absorber Pro Y C60



This Y lanyard has two C60 anchors sewn on to it and utilises Absorber Pro, the new fall energy absorber with a stronger case, as well as a smaller, more compact and lighter shock absorber.

Intended for use when traversing metal structures, the two anchors ensure that when working at a height, the employee is secure at all times.


The end of the ascender must be attached to the harness using a carabiner with a safety lock.
The device is certified as a fall energy absorber appropriate for personal protection from falls from a height (EN 355).

  • The fall absorbing system has a maximum length of 2 m (the total distance between the anchoring point and the connection point of the harness).
  • Fall energy is absorbed through the controlled destruction of the absorber’s internal strap. After a fall is successfully caught, the absorber must be retired.
  • This process is guaranteed to work under all weather conditions.
  • The ascender contains what is known as a control line.
  • The standard only allows for the use of fall energy absorbers in places with an appropriately safe height.
  • Available in two colors.

Made in EU.

  Code   Length
 CYA100   100 cm
 CYA120   120 cm




120 cm
Length of fall absorber
260 cm
EN 355, EN 362