A fully-outfitted, comfortable, mid-level work harness designed to be versatile. 

  • With 6 gear loops and steel positioning rings according to EN 358.
  • The front of the waist belt includes two reinforced textile loops – one for the carabiner which attaches to the shoulder harness and a separate loop for the D-ring, which serves as the attachment point for connecting descending devices. An innovation which extends the life of the harness.
  • Steel quick buckles are used to adjust the optimum size.
  • Padded waist belt, legs and shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort while working.
  • Strong elastic (accordion-style) straps connecting the legs to the waist belt on the back of the harness, which automatically adjust and ensure the optimum positioning of the legs in relation to the waist at all times (especially walking vs. sitting).
  • The chest can be fully removed and the harness can be used only as a sit harness.
  • For storing small items (such as a knife, etc.), you can use small slots located on the shoulder straps.
  • The front attachment point includes a strap with a small aluminum buckle for attaching a chest ascender to the harness.
  • The front and back attachments are made from steel and therefore very durable.

Atlas Uni Steel is also available in black color.

Made in EU.




EN 361, EN 358, EN 813
EN 361, EN 813: User Max. Weight
140 kg
EN 358: User Max. Weight
150 kg
XS-M 66-110 cm, L-XXL 80-13 cm
XS-M 54-65 cm, L-XXL 60-80 cm


  • Work

Atlas UNI is a fully-outfitted, comfortable, mid-level work harness designed to be versatile.


ATLAS UNI STEEL – specialist’s opinion

During my long career as a specialist working at heights, almost all of Rock Empire’s work harnesses have passed through my hands, as well as many dozen models from other brands

The way I see it, ATLAS is probably the harness with the best “price/performance/durability” ratio on the market. It’s a comfortable, very well-balanced harness, with several really clever details.

I’m mostly thinking about the harness’s modularity.

The shoulders can be altered. Rock Empire offers five types of shoulder strap, with different material in the connecting points or equipment (e.g. integrated Chest Up, shoulder lights).  And two seat harnesses. The ability to assemble ten different variants of a harness, or just buy whatever part I need is best, not just from a safety and work efficiency standpoint, but also from the economic angle. Of course if anything gets damaged I can just replace what I need, rather than the whole ATLAS.


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