1B Slight succeded in the World Cup in Arco

At the end of August in Arco, Italy another race in the World Cup speed climbing and lead climbing series took place. Rock Empire had our own representative: Rock Empire Team Member Honza Zima wearing our Slight 1B harness. This harness also helped Russian climber, Julja Kaplina, during her second place win.

In total, 72 men and 56 women competed. Frenchman Romain Desgranges won the men´s division overall, and Belgian Anak Verhoeven won the women´s, with Russian Julja Kaplina in second place wearing Rock Empire´s 1B Slight.

This year, Gabriela Vráblíková, Adam Ondra, Martin Jech and Honza Zíma represented the Czech Republic in lead climbing. Gabriela Vráblíková took 47th place, Martin Jech finished in 63rd place and Honza Zima was 70th overall.

In speed climbing, Czech Republic had two representatives. Competing for Czech in speed climbing was Libor Hroza Jr., who held 2nd place overall in the World Cup prior to this competition, and junior world champion in speed climbing, Jan Kříž.

1B Slight succeded in the World Cup in Arco

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