Bouldering competition in Lithuania

Bouldering competition was held in 2017, January 14

Place: Žemaičių str. 31, Kaunas city, Lithuania, Climbing Club Kaunas

This bouldering competition is for amateurs and it consists of 6 stages in a year. The event that happened in January 14 was the first stage.

In competition competed 38 man and 26 women. In total 64 competitors.

Bouldering cup duration is one calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. Championship format is open, it means that everyone can compete, including foreigners.

This competition also has valid points system for teams. Competitors can gather in teams consisting of 3 persons. Team has to have at least one woman. Team gathers points in all 6 stages and the most points collected team wins. Teams are awarded in the end of year in the final stage of the Cup.    

Competition consist from qualifying stage and from the final stage.

In qualifying stage must be at least 18 routes with different difficulties, each route has fixed number of points from 2 till 12 (2 is the easiest one and 12 points is the hardest) 

The final stage  is a closed system. In to the finals goes 10 man and 5 woman. Finalists has to climb 6 different routs. 6 for man and 6 for women. The best 3 climbers womens and the best 3 climbers man wins.


Winners of competition:

Final man: 

1 place – Matas Dominas
2 place – Ignas Kisielius
3 place – Dmitrij Iljušenko

Final Woman:

1 place – Viktorija Kurienė
2 place – Eglė Dambrauskaitė
3 place – Kristina Puidokaitė

Bouldering competition in Lithuania

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