Canicross Race by Rock Empire is an ultralight, ergonomic harness for canicross and dog trekking

The harness is easily adjustable around the hips and legs, allowing it to be customised to a particular physique and to reliably grasp the body.  

The back section has a reflective strip for safe exercise even in the dark.

How is Canicross Race different from other harnesses? The front, smoothly adjustable section allows you to harness your dog with free traction in all directions, or the simple clip system can be used to fix the attachment point of the harness in a single position.

The harness meets IFFS* requirements: 7 cm

  • Leg straps allow ideal support and perfect fit during a run.
  • Easily adjustable waist and leg area.
  • Adjustable length of attachment point.
  • Ability to harness the dog, allowing free movement to the sides, or instead to create a fixed attachment point.
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable.
  • Reflective strip for safe exercise even in the dark.
  • Waist fastening – aluminium quick-release.
  • Leg fastening – strong plastic buckle.
  • Black or blue colour.
  • Size: waist: between 63–110 cm, easily adjustable.
  • Lightweight and appropriate for pulling by small and large dog breeds alike

IFSS*: International Federation of Sleddog Sports (original had IFFS).

Made in EU. 





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Canicross Race by Rock Empire is an ultralight, ergonomic harness for canicross and dog trekking.

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