Video:Rock Empire´s brand story

ROCK EMPIRE started as an idea by two climbers, who were making harnesses and other climbing equipment from everyday materials like car seat belts and fire hoses in their garages. The demand for their equipment grew and the times and government changed enough that they were able to start a firm, Climbing, which quickly became Hudy Production, which is now known as Rock Empire.

Development of the company has always been inseparably connected with the company Hudy Sport, which for years has successfully secured business actvities for Rock Empire brand at home and abroad too. Together, we supported a huge amount of talents for climbing, mountaineering expeditions, as well as events for enthusiasts and general climbing public. In the summer of 2008, was created current company Rock Empire and since 2009 we took over export rights registered trademarks Rock Empire.

These people Jindřich HudečekJindřich ŠvihnosJiří Chaloupka and Zbyněk Homola are associated with the brand Rock Empire and they share the whole story with you...

Video:Rock Empire´s brand story

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Production of Rock Empire 100% Cotton Masks.  1-time Use Filters (made from nano-fibers) are also available.

Rock Empire has started production of textile masks designed to include a filter.  We now also have available insertable 1-time use filters made from nano fibers from Czech firm NANOTEX Group s.r.o., which are sold separately.

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