3B Slight is a harness that gives you wings. It's so light and comfortable you won't even notice it. It features three aluminium buckles that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the harness. It's perfect for climbing walls and mountains where you need to feel free and safe. The Slight is made of high quality material that evenly distributes the impact from a fall and guarantees you maximum comfort. It also has four asymmetrical gear loops that can store everything you need. 3B Slight is a harness that will never let you down. It's your reliable partner on the road to adventure.

Light weight - maximum comfort - freedom of movement

  • Ultralight and ultrathin harness thanks to the excellent properties of the chosen material. The force of a fall is efficiently distributed throughout the entire padding.
  • 3 aluminium (AL 7075) quick release buckles (1 on the waist belt, 1 on each leg belt). 
  • Innovative, lightweight ergonomic padding 
  • 4 asymmetric gear loops (max. 5 kg).

Made in EU.





XS, S, M, L, XL
EN 12277
XS (67-74), S (70-77), M (76-83), L (80-87), XL (85-92)
XS (46-55), S (50-58), M (54-62), L (56-68), XL (59-69)


  • Big Wall
  • Indoor
  • Rock
  • Via Ferrata

Slight Collection

We are proud to introduce our brand new collection of sport climbing harnesses that we believe will astonish you. Our new collection, SLIGHT < 310, is completely different in style, design and comfort.  Our ROCK EMPIRE designers achieved their goal to create harnesses that go far beyond the norm in terms of comfort and lighter weight and incorporate vibrant colors.

How did we increase the comfort level of the harnesses? 

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Ella Adamovská climbs in 3B Slight

A few words from Eliška Adamovská:

This is the best harness I’ve ever owned. I think it’s already my sixth in a row and that’s just because I read somewhere you should replace them after each season. Otherwise, I’d probably still be climbing in the first one, it’s untouched. It’s a mystery to me why this harness, despite being so light and despite seeming so fragile, shows no sign of wear and tear. Even a whole year and a million falls later, it still looks good as new.

I use it for competitions, where its weight is the main thing, but also on the rocks where I love its firmness and durability. It has basically everything I expect and need from a harness, so I’ve never really considered using any other.


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