If you're looking for a harness that allows you to climb the highest peaks and tallest walls, then the 4B Slight is for you.

This harness is so light and thin you won't even notice it on your body. But don't worry, it's also very strong and secure, thanks to the high quality material and four aluminium buckles (2 on the waist belt and 1 on each leg loop). And that's not all, the Slight 4B also has four asymmetrical gear loops to help you keep your gear organized. Each gear loop holds up to 5kg of gear. And you know what's best? The 4B Slight is made in the EU, so you're supporting a local manufacturer.

4B Slight is a harness that will never let you down. It's your reliable partner for every climbing challenge.

  • 4 Aluminium (AL 7075) quick buckles – 12 mm legs, 16 mm waist.
  • Innovative ergonomic waist and legs.
  • 4 Asymmetric gear loops (5 kg).
  • Light weight belay loop in a contrasting colour (width 12 mm, 15 kN).

Made in the EU.



EN 12277
XS-M (67-85), M-XL (80-100)
XS-M (46-60), M-XL (56-69)


  • Big Wall
  • Indoor
  • Rock
  • Via Ferrata

Slight Collection

We are proud to introduce our brand new collection of sport climbing harnesses that we believe will astonish you. Our new collection, SLIGHT < 310, is completely different in style, design and comfort.  Our ROCK EMPIRE designers achieved their goal to create harnesses that go far beyond the norm in terms of comfort and lighter weight and incorporate vibrant colors.

How did we increase the comfort level of the harnesses? 

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Review - Slight Harnesses

During expeditions to assault the cliff faces after work, I gravitated towards the closest ones. Luckily, that was always to Tisá. A warm-up on an easy classic where the ring is fun, about face, didn’t even untie my shoes and right up a banger that’s been the talk of climbing pubs for decades. For the locals it’s their everyday playground.  I love this type of climbing, because I don’t need much. A light backpack, mostly only carrying lunch and the 40 metre rope.

When Rock Empire came up with their Slight super-light harness, it became my most trusted friend among the rocks and on the wall in winter.  For myself I chose the version with one buckle. This harness has all you need for sport climbing and nothing more! You can hardly feel it while climbing, but you know you can rely on it when you need to. The gear loops are just the right size to carry all the runners that I manage to attach on my way up and there’s still enough room for the ones that end up being just for decoration. Either way it was always big enough, even for all my multi-length climb gear.

Whether pulling in slack to the top of a tower or fixing points on multi-lengths, I appreciated the harness design. Unlike traditional harnesses with a padded load-bearing strap, the Slight is load-bearing over the whole surface of the strap, both the waist and the leg loops. So even if I have to wait for my lazy friend at the fixed points a bit longer, nothing itches, it’s one of the most comfortable harnesses I’ve ever had.

It’s a great harness not just for modern sport climbing, but the versions with 3 or 4 buckles make it a universal harness for multi-length climbing or for the mountains. That’s because the 3B/4B multi-buckle variants also allow you to tighten the leg loops and the two buckles at the waist, giving a more universal range of sizes. In summer, I’ll tighten it up and in winter I’ll loosen it around all the layers of warm clothing. With the SLIGHT 3B and SLIGHT 4B variants this makes it a versatile universal harness for all kinds of climbing activities.  

When packing for and approaching a mountain climb, its low weight and packing size are a big advantage. The harness can be folded into a small, light package the size of a couple of chocolate-bars that won’t take up space in even the most minimalist approach backpack.

To end with, I’d like to mention that the harness is produced in Bohemia, specifically Děčín. That’s a great plus for me. That’s why I’ll always have a place for it in my pack, mainly because it’s the size of a couple of carabiners.

In Tisá it doesn’t matter if you lose a few quickdraws, you’re on an adventure after all!


Petr Brož, certified sports climbing instructor, Rock Empire product tester, Height specialist,  Product consultant for work at heights


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